Packing, wrapping, boxing and taping up all your belongings or office furniture/equipment is at least as difficult and time consuming as moving them. Packing services offered by Hercules Services can do it all for you, making your moving experience that much easier. We’ll bring along all the necessary packing supplies organize household good or office supplies/equipment and box them up before packing them into the truck. Our packing experts are trained full-time professionals. Whether you need to pack your property or office, we are here to help!

Baltimore Household Goods Storage

Whether you need temporary or long-term storage of your household goods, Hercules Services has got you covered. We will store your furniture and in our modern warehouse, equipped with fire and theft protection. Contact Hercules Services for a FREE household storage estimate.

Baltimore Commercial Storage

Hercules Services is happy to offer warehouse and storage service to our commercial customers. Our storage facility is safe and secure and can support many of your specialized warehousing and storage requirements: office furniture, retail equipment, hotel furniture, medical equipment, trade shows and displayed, electronics, machinery, etc.