Top 10 Mistakes Made When Moving

Moving can be a very stressful experience that is made all the worst by little nuances that always have a habit of popping up! Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a moving company it’s important to get it right the first time to avoid time consuming delays and ultimately costing you more money/time. Here’s a breakdown of the most common moving mistakes:

Moving mistake #1: Not packing items correctly

If you choose to pack yourself it’s important to remember the basics such as glassware/china/crockery getting the attention it deserves and being wrapped up in protective bubble wrap. A common mistake is putting these items in an unsecure location in the back of the vehicle; always remember to put the heaviest items at the back to prevent your contents getting crushed in transit.

Moving mistake #2: Not preparing the route

Even if you are just moving down the street and using a moving company it’s important to plan a route in advance such as necessary stop’s (especially if your are moving a long distance) and also avoiding heavily congested roads so as to save breaking your contents from all the ‘stop, start’ nature of traffic. Doing this prevents unnecessary time wasting by getting lost along the way, be sure all of your drivers are briefed on the route to avoid this common problem.

Moving mistake #3: Hiring unlicensed contractors

If you do hire a moving company be sure to clarify their licensed, insured and bonded status. The last thing you want in this stressful experience is an injured worker or contents on your hands with no one to pick up the cost!

Moving mistake #4: Not organizing the room order

Having a basic strategy for withdrawing your contents (even if you’re hiring a moving company!) is critical to ensuring your move runs clockwork. Although a very basic concept, just spending 5 to 15 minutes preparing this will save you heaps of time. Be sure to get your most important items out first (beds, kitchen equipment, toiletries etc) so if you can’t finish the move that day at least you can function for tomorrow!

Moving mistake #5: Not using a dolly

While a very simple piece of kit every move is dead in the water without it. While preparing for moving yourself or even with a moving company this basic tool is often forgot. Be sure to plan in advance and save a trip down to the hospital!

Moving mistake #6: Planning unrealistic schedules

When drawing up your ‘moving plan’ always give yourself more time than you need. Remember that when moving yourself it’s your body on the line if the loads are too heavy or you move too quickly because of unrealistic scheduling. If you have to move out of a lease as soon as possible try and spread the move over two days before your deadline so as to give yourself plenty of breathing room in case the unexpected happens.

Moving mistake #7: Straining your back

Lifting heavy objects is a very dangerous task if not done correctly that can lead to serious and irreparable damage to your spine. Remember when lifting heavy object’s to squat down by bending your knees and lifting with your legs instead of your back. This simple procedure will save you from hurting yourself unnecessarily, the last thing you need.

Moving mistake #8: Overestimating load capacity

Whether you’re using a moving company or not it’s important to figure out the load capacity of the vehicle. Bear in mind that overloading the chassis will make your vehicle extremely unresponsive both in engine and movement and could result in another serious delay either from breaking down or worse, having a traffic accident.

Moving mistake #9: Placing emphasis on complicated manoeuvres with furniture

Unnecessary movements with furniture to squeeze them into rooms which weren’t prepared for in advance will quickly escalate into a time consuming and frustrating experience for all parties involved. Remember: the simplest way in all likelihood is the simplest way!

Moving mistake #10: Not measuring the doors and points of entrance

And finally, be sure to measure all doorways where you expect large objects to go through (you made your moving order plan right?) as again this will waste unnecessary times and it’s always better to know before if that awesome ottoman isn’t going to fit in the new living room!

So as you can see (as with anything) it’s better to be exceptionally anal when preparing to move. Avoid spending more money on moving contractors and save some of your own time by planning in advance!

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