Residential/Home Moving Services

At Hercules Services, we provide affordable, reliable and fast residential moving services to the Baltimore area residents. Our professional Baltimore movers are committed to providing whatever is needed to make your move smooth and worry free. We specialize in packing service, house moving, furniture moving, relocation, and moving help. If you are looking for inexpensive and stress-free experience, we've got you covered.

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Commercial/Business Moving Services

Our business moving services range from internal office moves to the relocation of employees and office furniture across Maryland or U.S.. Our Baltimore movers are rained in all the aspects and nuances that relate to dealing with commercial moving and will work with your business schedule to minimize disruption to your operations. Moving an entire business can be tricky, but we’re here to help with your commercial move!

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Packing and Storage Services

To make your moving smooth and easy we provide professional packing and storage services. Proper packing of your personal belongings by a trained packer is crucial to a successful move. So if you don't have time to pack yourself, our Baltimore movers will take care of it. We also provide clean, professional storage at affordable prices. Whether you need short or long-term storage Hercules Services got you covers. Save time and money, call us today!

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Reasons to Choose Hercules Services Moving & Storage

Whether you have used professional moving services a number of times or if this is your first experience, you probably already know that you will encounter a number of tough decisions when planning and executing a task of this magnitude. That’s why our goal is to make things as simple as possible in order to relieve any unnecessary stress. When you meet with our trained Baltimore moving professionals, you will immediately come to realize that you are in good hands. We know what it takes to make house or business move as efficient and pleasant as possible.

Whether you are an individual living in a smaller apartment or an executive running a corporate headquarters, the two things that will count the most are timeliness and cost effectiveness. We make sure that both are provided by a moving staff with over 5 years of moving experience. When looking for unsurpassed value for your money, no moving company in Baltimore, Maryland even comes close!

Our Baltimore movers are drug tested and insured in order to provide you peace of mind and a completely safe location change. And since our clients are budget-conscious, we will give you a free estimate as to what it will take to get you to your new destination as economically as possible. This is what our customers have come to expect and that’s why we get so many referrals and repeat business. Your personal satisfaction with our moving services is our number one goal and world-class quality is our commitment.

In every part of the country, families and companies are on the move – whether for job and increased business opportunity or just to be closer to loved ones. You will appreciate our level of care and concern the moment you contact Hercules Services. That way you’ll know that you can entrust your belongings to us, whether it’s a brand new couch or a delicate antique that has been passed down through many generations. That’s our promise to you.